S.R.Weber /// Stein Weber /// Aristo Tacoma /// Stein Hennning Reusch: programmer, photographer, writer and artist DONATION IS A POSSIBILITY: SCROLL ON FOR HOW TO DO IT aristo ta' ko'ma means 'the party is great' Explore free eBooks: avenuege.com/library
Stein Weber BERLiNiB magazine Free eBooks & eEssays Robotics His programming language DONATION: A GREAT POSSIBILITY! paypal.me/aristotacoma From the background: S R Weber and Aristo Tacoma are artist names for Stein Henning W Reusch Braten. The "Weber" has its source from Maria von Weber back on mother's side; other pen names over the years: Stein von Reusch, and his schoolname Henning Bråten. He is son of Else Reusch Bråten and prof.emeritus, dr.philos. Stein Bråten. From school age onwards, has worked with programming, and had regular contact with friend of family, Kristen Nygaard (who, with Ole-Johan Dahl, authored Simula-67, the first object/class-oriented programming language); Nygaard gently guided the initial phases of own language development around year 2000 during some coffee meetings. Studies in psychology at the University of Bergen, cognitive science in Oslo, etc; visited David Bohm, physicist, during the psych. studies (1986), thereafter twice the next years. After a series of interviews with scientists, philosophers etc, including Ilya Prigogine, Nobel Prize laurate and Roger Penrose, Oxford-professor and author of the seminal book The Emperor's New Mind (it was David Bohm later on, during a seminar in Oslo, who recommended contact with Penrose) in a magazine he took part in creating (Flux), got to know Arne Naess (8 interviews). He was invited to open the seminar Information Technology in the Service of the Welfare Society in the Norwegian Parliament 17 April 1996, for members of the Parliament and for government members. Made several versions of a new programming language, last version completed in 2015, G15 PMN, with the intention to promote clear thinking in the digital realm. Have produced a summary of physics in the prolongation of David Bohm and L de Broglie's work also in self-publ. book see rawtext and with new G15 PMN formalism and new formulation of combination of relativity and quantum in National Library of Norway: oria db More books! bibsys/oria. and this and these (cfr artist names Aristo Tacoma, Stein von Reusch, Henning W Reusch). Wrote introduction to the significant Norwegian painter Frans Widerberg's exhibition Aurum, in Galleri K, Oslo, 2000, and after about three years further contact with Widerberg in his atelier, used a decade for development of own technique in painting, avenuege.com/art. Programming, see also here. Also writes scifi. Is doing robotics software development and has proposed a new concept to replace AI, namely FCM. >>>Norwegian version.